Sunday, December 4, 2011

A FRSH Recap: Making Money Online (No BS!)

About 3 months or so ago I googled how to make online. In my search I found many scams, false leads and in many cases just blatant false advertisement. But after months of we laboring I picked the diamonds out from the BS and I'm going to share all the best (and not so best paying) sites and programs to get paid online. Most sites that pay REQUIRE you to sign up and it's usually much easier if you already have a PayPal or AlertPay already set up. So let's get on to how to make that money.

GPT / PTC Programs
GPT stands for Get Paid To and PTC or Paid to Click sites pay you for a variety of different things including but not limited to, playing or downloading online games, filling out forms, taking quizzes, accepting trial offers and surfing the web. GPT sites are best (like many of the opportunities on this list) joined in bulk and you'll find yourself making a couple dollars per day or more depending on how hard you work on these sites. Sites vary from points systems that redeem for actual money or gift cards to real money for every offer completed. Here's a list of  GPT sites that I've confirmed to actually pay out. You can receive pay thru PayPal, AlertPay, ACH Direct Deposit or mail-out checks on most of them.

Don't worry when AdFly pops up and redirects you to the sites. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

1. Inbox Dollars (My favorite GPT site)
2. Send Earnings (EXACTLY like Inbox Dollars)
4. Hits4Pay 
8. Cashle 
10. PrizeLive

Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys are a valuable resource to make money on the internet. However they can also be very time consuming. Paid surveys come from research companies who are hired by big companies to find out our opinions on various products and services.These research companies in-turn pay YOU to take these surveys. They usually pay from 1-5$ but can pay anywhere from for 50 cents to 25$ from my experience. Some sites pay in points which redeem for real money or other prizes.

Here are some of the top paid survey companies on the web:

1. Global Test Market
2. SurveySavvy
3. OpinionOutpost 
4. MySurvey
5. Survey Spot


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