Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blueberry Swisher Sweets Review

Source: via Mugen on Pinterest

A staple to many smokers, Swisher Sweets are almost always on point (Hard findin' stale Swishers) . Blueberry Swishers are actually a personal favorite of mine. A pleasant burst of blueberry spills out of every pack, and when licked you can taste the strong blueberry flavor. The only small downside to these cigarillos (and other Swishers) is the 20 cents more it will cost you to buy a pack. But if that quarters not going to break your bank, this is a great blueberry option to burn in.

So cop at any local corner store/grocery market/smoke shop/gas station for $1.19 + tax.

Source: via Mugen on Pinterest

A Ladies Opinion:

One of my favorites so far I’m going to give it a 7/10. I can both taste and smell when I’m smoking which is great. I like this one because you can really tell that it’s blueberry, it’s not something you have to guess at or question when you’re using it. I will admit it’s more of an artificial type of blueberry so think more of a blueberry sucker when you’re thinking taste. This is one that I would definitely recommend!

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