Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Griselda Blanco Assassinated in Medellin

The infamous Queen of Cocaine has apparently met her  untimely end in her home country of Colombia in Medellin.

She was gunned down in one of her own preferred assassination method by 2 motorcyclist gunmen. She was reported to have been shot twice in the head (much like her assassination of 2 year old Johnny Castro in 1982) according to the Miami Herald. If your not familiair with Griselda she was a major cocaine dealer in the 1980s and acquired many nicknames such as the Queen of Cocaine, The Godmother, La Bella de la Mafia (The Mafia Lady) and The Black Widow. She is rumored to have ordered and or participated in the murder of over 250 people.

Blanco hasn't been spotted much since her appearance at this Bogota Airport in 2007

The 69 year old Blanco was also featured in the notorious 2008 documentary Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin' With the Godmother. The documentary details her life from her ex lover Charles Cosby point of view. It is an interesting watch and an amazing peek into her world of drugs, money and murder. Click here to get Cocaine Cowboys II: Hustlin' With The Godmother

Click here to read more at The Miami Herald 

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