Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michael Strahan Permanently Replaces Regis

Who would think you’d go from Regis Philbin to a former NFL player? It was officially announced on August 21, 2012 that Michael Strahan former Giant defense player would be permanently taking Philbin’s place after various tryouts with other co-hosts. And today was the premiere of the newly titled Live With Kelly & Michael. Strahan has co-hosted the show up to now 20 times and Michael Gelman the executive producer felt that their was something so special and natural with Kelly and Michael’s chemistry that he was a perfect fit for cohost.

 Ripa is very pleased she stated the camaraderie is "spontaneous" since they have similar senses of humor and is ready for “the new era” of their show to begin. Strahan also feels great about his chemistry with Kelly and notes how real the audience will see their connection is since “You can't get on live TV every morning and fool people”.

 After watching the show today, I have a good feeling about this pairing. I could tell that they genuinely got along and not just for the cameras. I feel that 6ft 5, 275 pound former defensive lineman will bring big things for the series and sack the daytime talk show competition.

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